We all have obligations in our lives. Let’s face it they suck! Someone once told me oh no you are in college you don’t have obligations. Oh man, were they wrong. It doesn’t matter how old I get or what stage of life I am in there will always be obligations especially with family. Ever since my grandfather got diagnosed with lung cancer the obligations have grown.

This was how I felt the entire weekend

This was how I felt the entire weekend

I am currently in Indiana freezing my ass off! He was born in Indiana so all of his family is up here. He of course always likes to come up and visit them. I sadly am the person who is always voted to come and visit with him since, for the last couple of years he is unable to travel by himself at all. It is not the most exciting trip I have ever made , but it is good bonding time with my grandpa. I know time could be very short for him so I enjoying making him happy by tagging along. The past trips have not been so bad because it has been warm. This trip however, was completely different. If any of you were watching the news you know what kind of weather they have had up here. It was absolutely dreadful! I am now on the airplane while writing this happily on my way back home. I have extremely “thin blood” and I do not fair well in the kind of cold Indiana experiences.

There should always been something green in sight!

There should always been something green in sight!

Obligations are a part of life. While it is not fun to feel obligated it does occur. We must deal with it as it comes. I made the best of this trip and thankfully my aunt came for this trip as well. She and I had a really good time on the trip! I was not always close with my aunt when I was younger. The older I have gotten the closer we have become. She does not have children so I am like her “sudo daughter” she says.  I work with her in the family business along with college. That is another one of my obligations. I have to help make money for the family. It is a necessity. I cannot just drop the family because I have gone to college. However, the obligation of helping with the business is an enjoyable one. I wish more obligations were enjoyable.

I understand more than ever that family is very important no matter what. There are always those in your family that do not mesh well with the others and thats okay. We cannot choose all of our relatives. Those that you do get along with are very important because those are the ones that you can depend one the most. I know that the obligations I endure because of them seem to be a nuisance at the time but in reality there are many benefits to helping out family.

Overall obligations are a part of life and I plan to embrace them as they come. They don’t have to be a burden unless you make them one.

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